Scentsy workstation Login: As humans, we have always been fascinated with perfumes and scents. In fact, the earliest perfumes were created around 3000 BC, sic, Indus Valley. Most of these ancient perfumes tended to be based on incense, more than anything else.

But the first modern perfumes were created around the 14th century, for princess Elizabeth of Hungary and since then, it had evolved to what we use today. The Scentsy Corporation today, distills various perfumes, using their own methods. It is an American Body fragrance and perfume company that specializes in developing and marketing several fragrances and perfumes.

In addition to marketing their various perfume lines, they have also developed several scents related products – such as scented candles, soaps, lotions, room sprays and more.  The business owners, who had helped to create Scentsy in 2004, happen to be Orville and Heidi Thompson.

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Their journey from what was a small operation to a large, multinational corporation is indeed impressive and awe-inspiring. Today, the couple has helped to create over nine unique perfume lines that include citrus, bakery, wood, fruits, etc. Apart from perfumes, they have also helped to create unique scented products, and have managed to create a thriving industry in the process.

Today, you can join in their endeavor and in the process, be able to sell the various scented products and earn a healthy commission for the same. You would not have to be physically present at their company headquarters since essentially, you can work from anywhere and anyplace.

You can work at your own pace and set your own schedule so that you can sell valuable products for a healthy commission and more. All you need is a Scentsy workstation login and you should be able to streamline your Scentsy work, from any location, in any country.

What is a Scentsy workstation?

scentsy workstation

Scentsy workstation is an online portal, that’s meant exclusively for those who work for the Scentsy Corporation or happen to be a Scentsy consultant. The Scentsy workstation is designed primarily to help you sell your Scentsy products and to help you access various resources so that you can achieve your current target.

You can access your Scentsy workstation login but before that, you would be required to register your Scentsy profile, with a valid name and relevant information.

Once you register as a Scentsy consultant, you should receive a valid ID number with which, you can create a password to use for the Scentsy workstation login. The Scentsy workstation us, as a portal comes with an intuitive design that should make it easy for you to register and to use the site.  The overall design is simple and yet elegant.

To enter the site and access all the main features, you would need to use your Scentsy consultant login. Once you login to the site, you should be able to access several tools and features – geared to help you streamline your consultant business.

  • The Scentsy workstation login consists of simple steps and you should be able to log in easily
  • The Scentsy workstation is a thematically designed online portal, that comes with intuitive web design and drop-down features, along with easy navigation.
  • Scentsy workstation portal is your workstation and with it, you should be able to interact with your customers and showcase the product catalog.
  • The portal also happens to streamline payment with a separate portal for the same, Scentsy pay portal.
  • The overall design of the site is mobile friendly so you should be able to access your workstation from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. So you should be able to work on the move, and take your work with you, where ever you go.
  • The site is well protected and it comes fully integrated with Apple passbook as well as Android wallet.
  • It also happens to come with a Scentsy consultant support portal, as well.

Things required for the workstation Scentsy login process?

The Scentsy workstation login is an online workplace portal, and as such, to access it – there are a few things that you would require. The portal comes with easy-to-use functionality and it also provides you with access to several tools and essential resources.

You can use the same to help connect with others, market your various products, streamline the invoicing/ billing process and earn a healthy commission in the process. Some of the things that you would require to access the workplace Scentsy us and your employee profile are listed below,

  • You would essentially need a desktop computer or a laptop, phone or tablet to be able to access the website.
  • You need to have the current version of the internet browser that you are using at the moment. User can use any internet browser, but it needs to be the latest version, be it Chrome, Firefox among others.
  • It goes without saying that you need to have a stable internet connection. For obvious reasons, an intermittent connection can interfere with your work.
  • And last but not least, you would need a valid Scentsy ID and password to be able to login to the site. It goes without saying that you must have the required credentials handy as you log in to the website to access its main features.

Steps required for performing Scentsy workstation login

The workstation Scentsy US login process is simple enough but if you should happen to find the process a tad confusing, then check out these simple steps. With these steps, you should be able to access your workplace portal easily enough.

scentsy workstation login steps

Just follow the directions listed below and soon, you should be able to access your Scentsy employee profile as well as the main features of the workplace portal.

  • Access the official site: In order to access your workplace portal, you would need to access the relevant website. Just enter and that should be enough. Now click ‘enter’, and you would be taken to the relevant login page. Just make sure that you enter the relevant details accurately in the search bar of your internet browser. And once you get to the login page, just follow the directions as listed below.
  • Submit the right information: Once you get to the login page, you need to enter the right information. The Scentsy consultant login is simple enough and one that requires you to enter your registered Scentsy ID along with your password.
  • You must enter the relevant credentials as they were supplied to you by the IT department at the time you registered yourself as a consultant. Just make sure that you enter the ID and passwords, correctly and in the right format. For example, if a certain letter is in caps, then you would have to enter the same, in caps at the login page.
  • Explore: Once you have entered your Scentsy ID and password correctly, you should be able to access the portal with all its features and resources. Since this would be the first time that you would be logging in with your Scentsy ID and password, it would be advisable to explore the website.
  • This should enable you to familiarize some of the important tools that can help you to streamline your consultant business. Just hit ‘sign in’, once you have entered all the relevant information and that’s it.

How to reset the workstation Scentsy password?

When it comes to using the Scentsy workstation login, you are bound to run across a few issues. You may not be able to login to the website portal, using your ID and password that was provided by the company’s IT support.  You may find it hard to access your Scentsy consultant login but that does not mean that you just give up and walk away.

scentsy workstation password reset.png

Rather, you sit down and figure out what the issue is and try t resolve it. Here are a few reasons as to why your Scentsy ID and password may not work at the moment, do check them out,

  • Internet connection: One of the key reasons that you are not able to use your Scentsy consultant login to access the website is due to the intermittent connection. It is necessary for you to ensure that you have a stable, internet connection at all times.
  • Wrong ID/ password: It is essential that you double-check the ID and password as you enter it on the workplace portal. Make sure that you do not make any inadvertent errors such as using the wrong format. This can cause your login to be rejected.
  • Old browser: As mentioned earlier, you need to go for the latest version of the Internet browser. The login portal may not work correctly with the old browser version.
  • Unsupported electronics: Some devices do not support the Scentsy workplace portal, in which case, you would not be able to log in.
  • Locked account: This error is probably because you had not logged in for a long time. As a result, your account may be locked and you would need to contact Scentsy customer service to regain access.
  • Forgotten password: One of the common reasons for some users being unable to log in is that they have forgotten the password. And naturally, they are unable to use the Scentsy consultant login to access the website.
  • There’s no need to hit the panic button just yet since you can reset your password with ease.  All you have to do is to click on the “I have forgotten my password” on the Scentsy portal login page.
  • This should help you to reset the password and for Scentsy to issue with a new one. And with the new password, you should be able to login to the website and access all its features.

These are some of the issues that you are bound to face when using

How to get in touch with the Workstation Scentsy consultant support team?

When it comes to the workstation Scentsy us, there are several reasons as to why you may want to contact the workstation Scentsy consultant support team. You may be locked out of your account or you may feel that someone else is trying to access your account.

Or you could have questions regarding points, commissions, and payment. Or it could be something equally important. All of which are equally important to you and you want to be able to connect with the support staff right away. So read on,

  • You can contact the Scentsy consultant support team directly. The company and the support team are located at 2701 E. Pine Avenue, Meridian, Idaho 83642, the United States.
  • The Scentsy team can also be contacted by dialing the toll-free number877-855-0617. The consultant support is generally available from Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 9 pm MST.
  • It should also be pointed out that you can contact the support team by dialing 208-472-0800. This is not a toll-free number and you may incur some charges. The support team is available at this number, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm MST
  • You can also get in touch with workplace Scentsy at [email protected]. You should also be able to connect with media relations, through [email protected]

With these details, you should be able to connect with the Scentsy support team right away.

What are the benefits of Joining as a Scentsy Consultant?

There are various benefits to becoming a Scentsy consultant. For starters, you can work at your own pace and you would not have to work under anyone. Rather, you would be an independent consultant who specializes in Scentsy products and helps to market the same aggressively.

It should be stated that Scentsy happens to be one of the best startups and has already won several awards. It had even won the DSA’s rising star award in 2009 and since then, the company has grown to win several more.

With Scentsy workplace login, you should be able to market various Scentsy products aggressively. You can even help form teams with others, and form marketing teams. The best part is that Scentsy offers you various tools by which you can optimize your business further.

What Step Do I need to perform to become a Scentsy consultant?

Now that you have read all you can on Scentsy, it’s time to take a call on whether you would like to be a consultant.  You need to check out the Scentsy workstation login, weigh all the pros, cons and decide if you would like to be part of the Scentsy story.

Here are a few steps that you need to take, to register as a consultant,

  • Access the right website: The first thing that you need to do is to head over to the portal. You should be able to check out the various features of the portal once you register as a consultant. Do remember to have your device handy to access the website; just make sure that you type in the right address in the browser’s search bar,
  • Choose the right menu: As you land on the Scentsy homepage, you would have to make a decision on whether you would like to register as a consultant or join with your consultant. Simply put, Scentsy offers you enough flexibility to form your own teams and even provides you with all the requisite tools.
  • Starter kit: As you enroll for becoming a Scentsy consultant, you should receive a starter package that should provide you with all the basic information you need. It should also help list out the various tools by which you can grow your consultancy business.
  • Complete your profile: As you register as a consultant and use your Scentsy consultant login, you would be prompted to complete your profile. You would be required to enter correct and valid information. You must give your legal name, address, active phone numbers, email addresses, and even enter your social security number as well.
  • Pay portal: You can check out the Scentsy pay portal and relevant features as well. You should soon be able to see that you can review all transactions, invoiced amounts points earned and your current earnings to date.

How to access Scentsy consultant near me?

When it comes to seeking support or help on workstation Scentsy us, the payment portal or some of its main features – you may want to seek out a consultant near your location.

  • Head over to the Scentsy portal and use the store locator feature. Now, choose ‘find a consultant’ and you may want to enter your city and current location details. You can even refine your search further by entering your zip code and the site should help list out the closest Scentsy consultants in and around your current location
  • You can also install the Scentsy app on your phone as well as other devices. It should help you locate the closest Scentsy shop and the Scentsy consultant that’s located nearby.
  • You can also enroll as a team member with a particular consultant. Once you have located the consultants in and around your location, you can decide whom you would like to join up with, at the moment.

Frequently asked questions:

Here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions that you may want to check out, as you check out workstation Scentsy us

  • How much can I earn as a Scentsy consultant?

The great part about Scentsy is that you can earn as much as you want, with no upper cap. For every product that you sell, you would get a 20% commission, which would soon increase to 25% once you accumulate 1000 PRV points. The rate goes up again to 30% once you accumulate an additional 1000 points on your PRV

  • Do I have to pay to enroll?

In order to become a Scentsy consultant, you do not have to pay any money to enroll. Rather, you may have to pay to purchase a starter kit, which can be handy in helping you get started as a consultant.  The starter kit is worth $99 and that inclusive of packaging and shipping.

  • What does the Scentsy reinstatement kit contain?

Once you have paid the money for the reinstatement kit, along with access to the Scentsy portal, you should also receive several tools and resources. Some of the tools happen to be Best-selling warmer, Fan-favorite Scentsy Bars, Clean Products, Laundry Products, Scentsy Catalog, Scented Warmer Testers, Body Samples and more.

  • Can you make a decent income with Scentsy?

In one word, yes – it is up to you as to how much time and effort you are willing to put into Scentsy. It is a great opportunity and one that enables you to earn more as you sell more. Moreover, you can set your own schedule and work accordingly.

  • Can I avail discounts on any of the Scentsy products?

As a Scentsy consultant, you cannot avail of any discounts on any of the Scentsy products. However, you get to earn a better commission rate, depending on your PRV volume. With a higher PRV, you should be able to earn a better commission. If you are looking to try out a Scentsy product, you need to purchase it at the listed rate.

Wrap Up:

Scentsy comes with a great opportunity. As a Scentsy consultant, you should be able to use the Scentsy workstation login and access various tools and resources. With these tools and specialized resources, you should be able to market key Scentsy products more aggressively.

What Scentsy offers you is a readymade platform complete with all relevant details. All the information you need, to help market the various Scentsy products. You can always contact the consultant support team for additional help. You can even post your queries to them and they will get back to you on the same right away.

On the whole, this is a fantastic opportunity. If you need any further guidance or help – just use the store locator to locate the closest Scentsy consultant.