Want to host a Scentsy party but don’t know how you can do it? Don’t worry and go through this article. I will tell you all the steps which you need to take to throw a Scentsy party.

What Is a Scentsy Party?

scentsy party

A lot of people get nervous when it comes to hosting a party. But when it comes to Scentsy party, you don’t have to get worried. Scentsy parties are entirely dynamic and flexible and on tops laid back. You don’t have to worry about the pantyhose, about the sales pitches, etc.

All you have to do is whatever you want to do; however, you want to do it. Scentsy parties are held so that you can show your friends what Scentsy is all about and then they can possibly make a purchase.

Scentsy parties can be held by following the mentioned below steps or by any other way you want too. You will have to ask your consultant to provide you with the catalogs, order forms, fragrance testers and other essentials that are needed to make the party successful.

You can have the party ON any Location:

We can host the Scentsy party wherever you want to be it your house, your friend’s house, the church anywhere where your favorite people get together. This will not only be the right choice but will also give you the ability to create a party with your tastes. And your Scentsy consultant will be there to make sure that everything is handled.

You can have the party ON THE GO:

If you don’t want to or can’t handle a party on a specific location, then you can host a basket party. Now a basket involves you bringing a small basket or a bag that contains the Scentsy samples and order the forms to a local business to your workplace or even you can get it to your child’s game. We can strike up a conversation along with the people who surround you in the environment offer them samples as they roll in.

You can have an ONLINE party:

You can always host a pop-up party online by using social media to connect with your friends. We can also include the party on to your consultant’s website (if they have any) so that they can browse through the Scentsy offerings and purchase the favorites through the party which you have hosted. You can also take orders on a rolling basis. This means that to a certain deadline you can submit the orders and you can earn free and discounted items.

Tips for making your party successful.

Your Scentsy parties are meant to make you feel laid back and enjoy everything as it occurs. But every party needs strategic planning so that it can be successful and enjoyable.

Plan Your Guest List!

Let us are very honest, you can’t assume that every person whom you are inviting is going to attend the party. So the more people you invite, the better the chances you will give yourself for having a large turnout. Invite everyone you can think of don’t limit your invites to the friend circle you can invite your neighbors to your co-workers.

Don’t Work Too Hard while you are Selling:

Keep one thing in mind, and that is that nobody likes to get pressure when it comes to making purchases. Instead find ways that are gentle casual or you can opt for fun ways for introducing the benefits of Scentsy products to your party attendee, you can explain the benefits of using the Scentsy products as compared to the other brands, you can hosts contents describe how Scentsy has changed your life and then express your genuine gratitude towards the support you have received.

The easiest party you’ve ever thrown:

With every purchase made during the party, you will be able to earn about 10 to 20%. So when you are hosting a party, the online tool known as party assistant will help you in, piecing up all the pieces together.


So hosting a Scentsy party is very easy! Plus, you will earn a reward in return. So have a word with your consultant and get party-ready!