Do you want to give an ultimate boost to your career and want to join Scentsy? If yes, then you need to go through this whole article, and you will get every single detail about Scentsy jobs.

What is Scentsy?

The United States-based multi lever marketing company Scentsy is a company that is famous for selling scented products which also include wax warmers. The company was founded by Kara Egan and her sister in law Colette Gunnel, and both of them belong to Salt Lake City Utah where they also started their business in the year of 2003.

In the year of 2004, they met Orville Thompson at a business event; Thompson was a struggling entrepreneur who had opened unsuccessful business ventures. Thompson was interested in the wickless candle company, and after a few months, he has his wife Heidi Thompson bought the company from Egan and Gunnell. After that, they moved the company headquarters to Idaho, Meridian on the 1st of July in the year 2004 and then launched it as a brand using the multi-level marketing distribution model.

 What Benefits will you get after joining Scentsy?

scentsy career

  1. Flexible work timings

It is your business, and you will be able to work at your convenience. Let’s are very honest if you are working for someone else then you have to work according to their timings a clock in according to time which they have set. But if you are working for yourself, you can run the business whenever you want to and wherever you want to. And how you want to run your business. Scentsy as a company understands that you need flexible timings for works and they support this by a three-month free website subscription where you will also have training support 24/7

  1. The income benefits

At Scentsy, you will have the compensation plan. And getting paid in Scentsy is very easy. The workers get the paid percentage of how much amount they sell. Initially, once they join as an essential consultant, they earn around 20 percent on every item they will sell to a customer. But as they get promoted the pay increases.

  1. They get recognition, reward, and goals

The consultant leaders are trained in a way that they will help you in identifying your goals and then further assist you in drafting a plan so that you can set your goals and achieve them.

  1. Training

Scentsy has a fantastic training program, especially for the people who want to do something but have no clue as to where they should begin. You can access the recorded information on the training center with the help of Scentsy’s back office. Then they have live training programs that will take place at the home office weekly where the consultant leaders will frequently have to be on the spot training on their social media platforms.

Other benefits include – Scentsy Workstation:

  • Family events
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Volunteer program
  • Take-home meals
  • Leadership development
  • Inspiring workplaces
  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Annual fireworks display
  • Scentsy professional and personal development
  • 401K and matching contributions
  • Paid time off
  • Employee birthday gifts (and cake!)
  • Intramural sports
  • Casual dress code
  • AD&D, life and disability benefits
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Cool co-workers
  • Wellness Centre/gym
  • Cutting-edge technology

What are the Departments you can join? Jobs in Consultant Management at Scentsy:

You can work in the following departments

  • Product Development and supply chain management here,

You will be responsible for bringing the product to the market, encompassing the product, product development, sourcing the product, logistics a supply chain. In this department, further tasks include engineering of the product, managing the relationships between manufacturing vendors and then ensure that the inventory is balanced

  • Consultant engagement

In the consultant engagement department, you will work in creating the events, work on program management, do consultant training and development, work on consultant support.

  • Creative department

The creative department is a community of designers where all the word nerds, tech whizzes, our creative service department consists of writers, translators, web and print designers, photographers, product designers and product producers. Our creative work team has departments on visual design, copy and translations, photo and video and product design.

  • Facilities and management department

Our facilities and management department will work on taking care of providing clean and safe, functional, work environments for all the Scentsy facilities and the Scentsy grounds which are in the US; it also provides the employees with a comfortable setting to work. Our departments include security too.

  • Financial management department

Let’s are very honest, the bottom line of each n every business is finance, and a lot goes around it. Market research, data analytics, financial reporting, global tax and trade laws. Consultant commission there are so many things that take place in the financial department. Scentsy’s financial department keeps Scentsy on track when it comes to its financial goals.

  • Project management department

Our project management team works on coordinating schedules, work on proving the communication across the departments and work n increasing efficiency through the process of improvement.

  • Human resources department

the human resource team works on hiring and recruiting the right people, and the team works on making the compensation, benefits, learning and development, employee communication and much more.

  • Information and technology department

The information technology team is the central nervous system of the business the team works on the hardware, software the networks, SAP, and security compliance. Scentsy has a team of 125 employees in the IT sector. The IT team works on works on risk and governance too.

  • Legal department

The Legal team works on providing training and services. The legal team also works on litigation to contract negotiation, licensing to intellectual property.

  • Marketing department

The marketing team works on strategic marketing, marketing promotion, sales technology, and innovation. The marketing team works on developing advantageous promotions and programs that will help the consultants.

  • Operations department

The operations team is a vital function of Scentsy. The team works on manufacturing the fragrance products and then send it to the consultants and customers around the world. The operations team has departments like manufacturing. Distributions etc.

Which Location will you get to work on?

You will get to work in Meridian, Idaho. The office in Meridian has a gorgeous campus; it has a sunny environment that has open floor plans, has outdoor balconies that give you panoramic mountain views. It has affordable corporate cafes and coffee shops. Scentsy has a fully equipped gym and has fitness classes. Scentsy has an employee game room. The area of Meridian and Boise has received a lot of recognition because of its beauty.


Are you someone who has a creative bend of mind? Wants to work at your convenience then Scentsy is a great place for you.